How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

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How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

So, if you are reading this then you are receptive to know what Wealthy Affiliate is all about!

Debbie and I have been running our online business from home full time for over 10 years now. And in all that time, we have never before come across a platform that gives you so much.

We only found it in June 2018 but since that time it has become the main part of our online promotion.

We have been members of several other online training programs over the years.  MOBE was one of them but we have complete faith in Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s face it, when you come online searching for the Golden Ticket to making money online, you are met with a barrage of noise! Seemingly hundreds of biz opps, programs, places offering to make you a millionaire by next week!

You must have seen them?

Well, if your BS meter was screaming at you, it was correct! There is a lot of rubbish out there and also programs which go some way towards getting you up and running but then leave out the important parts.

It can be so frustrating when you get part way through some training and then it just stops and expects you to find out the rest on your own!! Believe me, it happens.

With Wealthy Affiliate you don’t just get an awesome amount of training. You become part of a very active, very helpful community. Last I heard WA had welcomed well over 1 million people through it’s doors since it began in 2005.

how long does it take to make money with wealthy affiliate

With Wealthy Affiliate being free to join (not even a credit card needed to join) now is the perfect time to find out just what you get. There is a paid upgrade if you really want to grow a nice online income, but that is purely optional.

As you can see you get 2 free websites to start you off and these you can keep for as long as you are a member. The only thing I would say though is that if you are serious about making money on the internet then you should look at the upgrade. Reason for this is that the free websites are on a subdomain, so your web address would be something like for example.

It is far better to have your own domain like as this makes you look far more professional and Google ranks your own website better than one on a subdomain.

Other reasons to start with FREE

However, if you are just starting out, the Free version is a great place to begin.

Now, not only do you get the websites, but you also get free hosting of those websites. Add in the free video training to guide you through the creation of your first website and you can see how awesome this platform is.

And don’t forget,the amazing community! Because the members are spread right across the world, you are NEVER more than a few minutes away from getting an answer to your problems when you get stuck. And you will get stuck along the way, it is only natural!

Not only are they spread far and wide, but they are from all walks of life and all ages from teenagers to people in their 60’s and 70’s. Their are even quite a few couples working their online business together, just like Debbie and me.

So, How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Well, there are 5 main ways that you can earn money directly from Wealthy Affiliate quite apart from the money that the training teaches you how to make via your website.

First Way

The first way is to refer people to Wealthy Affiliate yourself. These become your referrals and when they purchase anything from WA you make money.

Lets face it, how easy is it to give away free access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform?

Now you do not get anything when people sign up as a free member, but as soon as they add a picture and a bit of a profile/bio you get $1 credit. When they upgrade you get $8 commission for the first month and then $23.50 for every month that they remain a member.

Now let’s do some maths…

Imagine you were able to get just 10 people to upgrade per month. After 6 months (providing they all remained members) you would have earned just under $5k. Then you would be earning $1410 a month at the 6 month stage.

And that is without any monies earned from your own website or any of the other things within WA that you can make money from.

Some people decide to take up the offer of a yearly subscription which is offered at a discount. For this you would get $175 commission.

Second Way

With your Wealthy Affiliate account you also get a Free Account with their awesome keyword research tool – Jaaxy.

So, not only do you get a really useful tool for your new online business, but you get the opportunity to promote it as well. This in turn will make you money through it’s commission structure.

This on its own can build you a nice recurring income.

Third Way

WA gives the ability to purchase domain names at a reasonable price. When one of your referrals also purchases a domain through Wealthy Affiliate, you make $1

Fourth Way

Once you have been a member for 3 months, you then become eligible to create you own training’s. These you can put up on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. When people Like or engage with your training, you earn credits which you can then exchange for money.

Fifth Way

This is a brand new way to make money from Wealthy Affiliate. Just by leaving a useful comment on another members website, you earn credits which can also be exchanged for money. Not, only that but you can request others to comment on your blog posts. This in turn helps your website with it’s ranking capabilities in the search engines.

Awesome win-win situation.

You can read more about all of these 5 ways HERE

And Don’t Forget This

Of course, let’s not forget the main training on Wealthy Affiliate! This shows you step by step how to make an income creating website.

This will be the lions share of your income as it will work on autopilot for you day after day.

Providing you write useful and interesting article that are optimised as per the training, there is every chance that your articles/posts will get picked up by Google and ranked on Page 1 of their search results. That is the idea anyway and the training takes you through this strategy in detail.

So, now you can see just How to Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate. So, isn’t now a great time to create your Free Account and give it a test drive?

Easy to Use?





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