Pinterest Communities and How to Create One

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Pinterest Communities and How to Create One

pinterest communitiesWere you aware that Pinterest has very recently quietly launched a brand new feature called Pinterest Communities?
We have taken a look and it is totally awesome.
At the current time it is by invitation only! You can only start one if you have joined someone else’s first. Then you get the ability to create your own community.
What is awesome about Pinterest communities is that with Pinterest’s fairly laid back attitude to outbound linking , you can share your content with direct links right within your content.
It is a bit like Instagram but with the ability to send people off of your posts with links.
For us, this is what makes Instagram very hard work and does not give you enough ROI!! Investment in time that is!
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Many online marketers are calling this the next big thing in social media marketing and for good reason.
The new Pinterest Communities feature makes Pinterest a social network instead of just a content-only marketing tool. This will open up a whole new world of potential customers for your business.

Here are some interesting facts about Pinterest:

* 93% of people that use Pinterest intend to buy!
* 87% of Pinterest users have bought something
that they discovered through Pinterest.
* Average order values of Sales from Pinterest to
a Shopify store is approximately $50.
People who use Pinterest do so because they are looking for ideas and things to buy, either now or in the future. In fact studies show that 93% of users say they use Pinterest to plan for online purchases.
how to create a pinterest communityAs a platform it is starting to grow like wildfire and with Facebook messing up left right and center, their timing is spot on.
With the ability to comment, post links and have conversations, this makes it a goldmine for online marketers and businesses.
A really big plus is that once you have chosen an SEO optimised name for your community, nobody else can have the same name. How great is that?
As of right now you are limited to only creating 2 communities per Pinterest account, but if you wanted more, just create a 2nd account!
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So there you have it, Pinterest Communities! Could they be the next big thing in social media marketing? Only time will tell.
We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.


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