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Proven Audience Formula Review

Do you sell products on Amazon?

Or sell physical products through Facebook Ads?

Are your sales figures not how you had hoped?

You just wish that you could get more eyeballs on your offer!
Well now you can!

The highly successful team at the Proven Amazon Course, have just released  their ground breaking course. It shows you how to get the attention of huge audiences using low cost, effective Facebook strategies.

There is no fancy equipment or exclusive skills needed to use this training

There is even a Special Free Bonus which sells for $200 normally as well

Get all the details at

We will show you exactly how we consistently create ads that go viral to the right audience we need for any given project.

There’s no fancy equipment or exclusive skills needed to use the PAF! Some of our best campaigns have been done with only a ​smart phone video camera and a very small ad spend budget that lead to millions of new prospects and tens of thousands of paying customers!

​Step by Step Proven Audience Formula Training Will Cover:
  • ​How to create shareable content over and over from scratch using simple tools such as a smartphone camera or simple image – with no extra equipment needed
  • ​Which products are ideal for the PAF strategy (very few aren’t!)
  • Discover how to set up Facebook ads the PAF way step by step (our Facebook ad rep even called us to tell us she thinks this is genius!)
  • How to test your Facebook ads on a crazy low budget every time (spend a few dollars to know if you have a winner)
  • Learn how to read the data from your ad (a ten year old could do this step)
  • How to get the most valuable subscribers and build an audience with a 90%+ open/response rate
  • How to build a simple, fully automated funnel on Facebook within hours
  • ​Numerous examples of how we built our ad content and what products we launched with them
Get the whole scoop at

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